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Rigshospitalet’s New North Wing: an energy-saving design with healing qualities

Services Rendered:
Heating, cooling, plumbing
Daylighting solutions
Local stormwater management
Working environments
Operation and maintenance

The Capital Region of Denmark, Rigshospitalet
Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark
1st place in invited competition, 2nd round 2012
Construction 2013 - 2017

Gross area: 76,000 m²
Client: The Capital Region of Denmark (Region Hovedstaden)
Architects: 3XN / Aarhus Architects /
Kristine Jensen Landscape Architects /
Nickl & Partner Architekten AG
Engineers: Grontmij
Illustrations: 3XN / Grontmij



The future Rigshospitalet has been designated ‘World's Best Hospital Architecture’ at the 2012 World Architecture Festival in Singapore. Rigshospitalet’s ambition is to create a highly specialized university hospital with efficient workflows and attractive spaces. The building's zigzag form creates a compact architecture, allowing both ample daylighting and short transport distances.

Grontmij Architectural Engineering is assisting 3XN, Aarhus Architects, Kristine Jensen Landscape Architects and Nickl & Partner Architekten AG in realising The Capital Region of Denmark’s vision for Rigshospitalet’s new North Wing. Using state-of-the-art parametric design tools, we are creating energy efficient facades that optimize indoor air quality and daylighting conditions. Green roofs help to climate protect Rigshospitalet; minimizing flooding risks by mitigating water flow to the sewers during torrential rains.





RH 3XN Luftperspektiv Dag

The building's sustainable features are expressed in the façade’s varied geometry
The use of daylighting’s healing qualities is one of Rigshospitalet’s principal requirements for the new building; a building adhering to ‘Low-Energy Class 2015’ codes. To meet these demands, the design requires large window surface areas. However, highly glazed facades also present the challenge of excessive heat-gain loads and increased energy demands for cooling.

Using Grasshopper software, Grontmij Architectural Engineering has developed a dynamic facade model that helps the architects distribute the glazed areas concurrent to any changes being made in the overall design. The window areas vary according to the hospital's different spatial and indoor air quality needs; and also reduce energy consumption whilst optimizing daylighting.


Vindues Areal Principper _Farveforklaring _Edit _2


Optimering Med


The parametric model integrates energy calculation tools and customises solar shading according to the functions and orientation of each individual space. In this way, we achieve an aesthetically varied façade and large window areas which permits daylighting’s healing qualities to flow into the spaces – all whilst still meeting strict energy requisites.

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Green roof rainwater management provides climate protection for the hospital
The area surrounding Rigshospitalet is hardscaped with a high density of parking areas and buildings, making the area vulnerable to flooding. At Rigshospitalet, grey water and rainwater flow into the same sewer, so in the event of flooding this could not only cause material damages but also the risk of spreading bacteria due to human contact with the hospital’s wastewater.

RH_LAR-Strategi _400

In order to adapt the drainage systems to climate changes, Rigshospitalet collects and delays rainwater. This is partially achieved by implementing green roofs on the new North Wing, which helps alleviate the existing sewers. Rain is retained in the green roofs, minimising the need to extend the sewer system and making it possible to reduce the stormwater treatment levy over time. The green roofs also help increase local biodiversity, as well as insulating the building in winter and helping with cooling in summer. Scientific research shows that proximity to nature –including green roofs– advances patients’ healing, shortening recovery and hospitalisation times.

RH LAR Strategi 

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