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Humlebæk South: Shaping nature in a new sustainable master plan

Services Rendered:
Conceptual development in an architectural competition regarding:
Rainwater management

Humlebæk South Master Plan
Town Plan, Humlebaek, Denmark
1st place in pre-qualification, 2nd round 2012

Size: 58 ha
Client: Fredensborg Municipality
Architect: LIW Planning
Illustrations: LIW Planning / Grontmij



It is Fredensborg Municipality’s ambition that the new urban development of Humle­bæk South becomes a vibrant town and an exemplar project in terms of sustainability and architectural quality. The vision for the new Humlebæk South links the surrounding landscape and buildings together with new forms of recreational activities. The focus is on climate change adaptation and diversity, whilst taking into account the given qualities of the existing landscape and the protected nature areas. Climate change will result in more precipitation and intense storms in the area.

For the design of the master plan, Grontmij’s Architectural Engineering team helped transform the landscape’s natural forms into sustainable rainwater management.

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The landscape’s attributes are enhanced
The existing terrain is a moraine landscape, characterised by kettle holes and a lush hilly topography. HumlebækSouth’s new development increases the amounts of rainwater that flows off of the newly paved areas and rooftops, out into the surrounding areas. LIW Planning designed the landscape’s new rainwater basins based on Grontmij's calculations for rainwater discharge in the various areas. Following the natural lay of the land, new gullies are created; diverting more water away from the new building areas into hollows, which can transform into lakes and wetlands. Because the design seeps more water into groundwater reserves, the buildings are protected against flooding and the extent of the sewer drainage system is reduced. Depending upon the amount of rainfall, the landscape will vary from day to day and year to year. 

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Sustainable infrastructure
The development’s density and placement create an infrastructure that effectively connects the new areas with the existing Humlebæk. This enables the use of Humlebæk’s existing facilities, and reduces transportation routes.

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Energy optimization with daylighting
and passive solar heating
Grontmij Architectural Engineering has also assisted LIW Planning in optimizing low energy consumption through the design and orientation of the different buildings – utilising the sun to create passive heating and quality daylighting.

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