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The hospital with the shortest road to recovery

Services rendered:
Concept development in architecture competition regarding:
operations and maintenance
structural desig

DNV Gødstrup
Gødstrup Hospital, Denmark
First prize in invited competition, 3rd round 2011

Construction: 2012 – 2016
Gross area: 133,730 m²
Client: Midtjylland Region
Architects: Arkitema / AART / NSW / Hospitalitet
Engineers: Grontmij / Moe & Brødsgaard / Arup
Illustrations: Arkitema / AART / Grontmij







The new hospital in Gødstrup in western Denmark was conceived through the regional authority’s desire for a modern and efficient patient-focused hospital. "The shortest road to recovery" expressed nicely the central idea in our concept.

By minimizing the distances between the hospital's key functions, the cost of routing and technical installations is reduced, thus releasing more funds for creating a professional medical environment on behalf of patients.
In collaboration with the project team, we developed a sustainable hospital where efficiency goes hand in hand with patients’ psychological wellbeing. Together we developed a project that combines efficiency and a patient-centred mindset supported by "Healing Architecture".
1 04020 Mappe DNV 01
Logistics that reduces salary outlay
and provides fast treatment
The solution is a compact composition that provides the foundation for a highly effective organization where salary effectiveness is high and where the surrounding landscape is an active and curative attraction.

The hospital building unites efficiency and the quality of healing in a clear structure, reaching out into the landscape and drawing it close to the treatment areas concentrated on the lower floors while well-organized bed wings make up the upper floors.

Besides a compact building structure which reduces internal transport routes, the relative positions of the individual departments are optimized according to an analysis of empirical data on patient and staff flow.

2 Flow Stuen

Ensuring daylight for lower floor functionality
The buildings are designed so that daylight and landscaping in the courtyards create visibly green surroundings to enhance the experience of time, place and season. Daylight is directed down towards the lower floors, which include pre-operative areas, intensive care units and offices located above secondary functions such as the main access routes with canteen and shops.

3 21Marts Kl15


4 04020 Mappe DNV 02

Different window sizes in the facade enables reflected daylight to penetrate deeper into the atria, and larger windows on the ground floor utilize reflected light from the atrium surfaces.

3 Facadeopbygning Isometri


360° sustainability
The hospital maintains three sustainability parameters: social, environmental and economic. All are linked and translated into cost-effective solutions that are evaluated in relation to the project's overall economy.

The hospital is designed to meet DGNB sustainability certification. Sustainability initiatives were defined in an interdisciplinary collaboration among international advisors with specialist expertise within the three areas.


2 Placering Af Teknikrum

4 Energieffektive Virkemidler

3 Sollys Diagram

4 Billedtekster 4

The holistic strategy for sustainability and life cycle analysis is based on energy optimization and interior climate analyses: working environment, sound and lighting, prioritization of prefabricated installations, rational prefabricated buildings and structures, and supply system efficiency.

4 Konstruktion Udvidelser

4 Konstruktion Fleksibilitet

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