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The Battery – spectacular energy-optimized architecture

Services rendered:
Concept development with the architect regarding:
• structural design
• energy
• fire Safety, and
• acoustics at the master plan level

The Battery
Mixed settlement, Copenhagen, Denmark

Construction: 2012 - 2022
Gross area: 124,000 m²
Client: Bach Gruppen A/S
Architect: BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) 
Illustrations: BIG / Grontmij

Bach Gruppen and architecture studio BIG are developing The Battery– a 124,000m² interpretation of an alpine landscape in central Copenhagen. This multi-functional project will include housing, offices, shops, childcare services, sports facilities, cultural institutions, a hotel and a mosque.

The structure will fuse landscape and architecture into a single urban style of man-made towers and valleys, with the final design of each building taking form as occupants or buyers of the different sites become apparent.

We worked with BIG to develop a spectacular precast concrete building concept flexible enough to meet the needs of future users. By providing parametric design proposals in 3D models visualising energy-optimized facade design, we helped BIG to adjust the concept so that it meets the energy requirements of the Danish Low Energy Class 2015.

1 FNM2A Grafik Edit

 1 Grasshopper Model 04

Flexible concrete house with programming freedom
One feature that contributes to the architectural expression is the building’s central open atriums with cantilevered ceilings. A static challenge in this project is to preserve the open atrium while bearing the cantilevered ceilings in the lower part of the building – yet also achieving a high degree of openness and flexibility on each storey.

2 Pages From 101215 BAT Projektpakke Intro Bygn H 5 S69

Our solution creates a multipurpose building. The supporting systems on each storey afford flexibility by stabilizing the building horizontally via 3 cores connected by a ridging plate on the 7th storey. Two of the cores each contain stairs, elevators, escape routes and cabling channels. The vertical bearing systems consist of columns, concrete walls joined by post-tensioned bracing, or a combination thereof. The system provides for flexible interior design options, ranging from enclosed spaces, wide-open areas and flexible split-level solutions on each storey.


2 KON AnvendelserWalls1Walls2



2 Palettenpavillon By Matthias Loebermann 01

2 Konstruktion Collage


Energy-optimized facade design
Although the building must comply with Danish Low Energy Class 2015 requirements, today's conventional calculation and simulation programmes are not designed to handle overly-complex geometry. The inherent challenge with The Battery has been to calculate building heat loss, cooling requirements and daylight levels, particularly as the building’s geometric complexity means that façade windows face multiple directions.


3 BAT Building 99 GH Windows


By using Grasshopper (a modelling software plug-in module), we are able to calculate energy consumption directly into a 3D model. This in turn allows us to provide BIG with optimized recommendations as to how the window areas can be adjusted and positioned in relation to energy consumption. By getting the 3D model to work together with our simulation programmes, we are able to deliver energy-optimized design parameters from which BIG can design the facade.

3 Grasshopper Screenshot

3 Grasshopper Arbejdsskitse

3 Grasshopper Model 02

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