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Department Manager
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We engineer architectural vision

Our Architectural Engineering team will inspire you during the creative process. As your partner at the drawing table, we challenge technical assumptions that might otherwise strangle creativity. We strive to translate technical requirements into a vehicle to support and strengthen architectural vision.


Experience our competencies

Daylight and lightning

• Specialists in architectural lighting design • Holistic planning of interior and exterior lighting • Design of lighting, daylight optimization and interior optics • Simulation and calculation of daylight and artificial lighting • Solar energy Integration • Design of artificial lighting in sustainable solutions • Utilization of light energy, spatial, aesthetic, health and technical aspects.

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Operation and life cycle costs

• Multi-disciplinary specialists covering the vast majority of technical trades and construction technologies • Operational consulting - from initial design to operational phases • Facilitating interaction between industrial facility and building layout • Energy consumption management vis-à-vis long-term economic planning • Optimization of operations and technical maintenance • Operational staff training and engagement.

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Structural engineering

• Statics and structural engineers • Design and planning of wood, steel and concrete support structures • Integration of architecture, daylight and installation • Optimization of geometry and dimensioning, facade design, assembly and logistics, sustainable construction methods • CAD-compatible 3D visualisation for advanced design and calculation.Design, planning and detailing of timber, steel, and concrete structures.

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• Registration of problem areas and options for layout • Preparation and assessment of smoke dispersion analysis, evacuation planning, etc. • Balancing the level of active and passive fire safety measures according to a building’s form and function • Instructions of technical solutions that deviate from common practice • Documentation and administrative body reasoning of a design’s safety level.

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Indoor climate and energy

• Specialists in low energy buildings and energy-reduction systems with minimal energy consumption and carbon emissions • Holistic energy concepts and installation systems • Optimization of heating, cooling and ventilation system performance and production • Energy performance calculation • Thermal simulations • Sustainability assessment of buildings.

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• Specialists in building acoustics • Concert hall, TV studio and theatre acoustics design • Sound attenuation and structural vibration reduction for commercial and residential buildings • Workplace noise reduction – installations and production facilities • Optimization of both building and urban plan functionality • Integrated acoustics for building surfaces, fixtures and geometry.

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Expertise tailored to your project
The range of expertise in our project teams is carefully selected to best meet the needs of each specific project. We help explore and expand the inherent possibilities of your ideas and deliver a prompt, clear overview of your project through skilful evaluation and prioritization.

Technical complexity, handled holistically
We explore and visualise every aspect of building orientation, facade construction and roof geometry to provide the most efficient use of daylight. We outline fireproof programming of the building at the drawing board stage. By streamlining installation and exploiting every available energy resource, we help raise the overall performance of a building by significantly diminishing energy use. 




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