Lars HagstrømLars Hagstrøm
Department Manager
+45 2723 6015

Creativity reinforced by Architectural Engineering

Traditionally, architecture has employed the science of engineering towards the middle or back-end of the architectural design process. As though architecture was art, and then science. With Architectural Engineering, we view the process somewhat less traditionally as the fusion art and science

Your creative partner
By acting as your creative partner from the initial design stage onwards, we liberate and strengthen your architectural concepts by generating synergy between design and technology – between art and science. We will challenge the assumptions nobody else would think of challenging, and we will inspire you in ways you would never have expected.

We sharpen architectural ideas
Applied imaginatively, engineering will galvanise and propel your architectural ideas, as we transform technical challenges into design guidelines. Both creativity and profitability flourish when our engineering know-how is used as a tool to sharpen architectural ideas.

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